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Sound archive

Schlagmetall | Live Recording Radio Broadcast (Pirate Radio) | May 2006 | 2:00 a.m. |
Moderation Marius D. Kettler, special guest Dolores Flores as the seagull, the keeper ect.

The Sound Pirates, somewhere on the North Atlantic, stationed on a mysterious oil platform. The Sound Captain, a controversial German disc jockey with his crew, including his luscious secretary. They are in the middle of broadcasting one of their Notorius radio shows. Their mission is to play new, strange music; which can be heard from coast to coast. The Sound Captain is always on the lookout for new discoveries from the dustbin of the record industry. Minimalist, melodic and authentic.
His latest discovery is "Schlagmetall", a group from a small isolated island called Eiswerder. With these two songs they sang in origional drawkcab Backword English,(their native language) " Neerg eht otni hgih" and the poetic hypnotic song "While away". The Sound Captain invites you to a 11 minutes 58 seconds musical venture.

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